About Attorney Fournier

Jeffery A. Fournier, Esquire Office is located in Bristol, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Federal Court-EDPA since 1991.

The Law Offices of Jeffery A. Fournier

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Fournier was a Corporate Strategic and Financial Planner for two major Fortune 500 Corporations, and for nine years worked under the direction and leadership of Michael Blumenthal, CEO (formerly Secretary of Treasury for the Carter Administration) at Unisys Corporation.

Jeffery A. Fournier received his Bachelor of Science in Management and Finance at Oakland University, Master of Business Administration at the University of Detroit, and Jurist Doctorate in Law from Widener University. During his undergraduate studies, Mr. Fournier was the assistant to Dr. Carl Gregory, CEO of the largest minority banks in Detroit, Michigan.

Outside of the Legal Profession, Mr. Fournier hobbies include woodworking, piano playing, sailing, and fly fishing. He has a pet dog named Buck who hangs around the Office.