Family Law

Why Your Goals Are Important In Family Law?

When you think about it, your goals are the foundation of your existence. The driving factor in in Family Law Matters and in most legal matters, whether it be Divorce, Custody or Support is having realistic goals and outcomes. Whether it’s financial security, Children in a stable environment, making a fresh start, realistic goals are the blue print in achieving cost effective and affordable representation in your Family Law Matters.

The Law Offices of Jeffery A. Fournier

What Is Your Goal?

  • Preserve my interest in material property;
  • Maintaining financial security during and after divorce;
  • Maximize my time and interest in the welfare of our children;
  • Stopping the harassment and protect the family;
  • Maintain income for Children while we are separated;
  • Stress, can it be minimized during the legal process;
  • Salvaging the relationships with relatives after the legal process is completed;
  • Trying to Understand the Law, make it easy for me to understand;
  • I have many goals how do I prioritize and which one can I achieve.

How Do I Get Started?

Review the legal Issue, take a piece of paper and write down four (4) important goals you want in resolving the issue. Call me at (215) 943-1873 and schedule in for a one-time, half-hour consultation.