Property, Real Estate and Zoning Law

Why Your Goals Are Important in Property, Real Estate and Zoning Law?

When you think about it, your goals are the foundation of your existence. The driving factor in in Property, Real Estate and Zoning Law and in most legal matters, is having realistic goals and outcomes. Whether it be Establishing Property Lines, Resolving Title Lien Issues or Addressing Zoning Violations , Realistic goals are the blue print in achieving cost effective and affordable representation in your Property, Real Estate and Zoning Law Matter.

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What Are Your Goals?

  • I want to sell my house but I have lien issues;
  • The house purchased has defects, I what to be made whole;
  • My neighbor and I have a property line dispute, I want it resolved;
  • I’ve been cited by the Township and need it resolved, I can’t afford the fines.
  • Big plans for an addition to my house, but there are zoning issues;
  • Rented my property for years, now I’m told to stop;
  • Stress, can it be minimized during the legal process;
  • Trying to Understand the Law, make it easy for me to understand;
  • I have many goals how do I prioritize and which ones can I achieve.

How Do I Get Started?

Review the legal Issue, take a piece of paper and write down four (4) important goals you want in resolving the issue. Call me at (215) 943-1873 and schedule in for a free half-hour consultation.